Neil Diamond Latest Album At age nineteen, Len Rapoport graduated the Army Officer Candidate School in Ft. Benning, Georgia. His early years of leadership training and commitment to the team effort has taught him how to "take charge" and lead his corporate teams to the achievement of their business goals.

Over the years Len has had his photographic and written works published in magazines, books and various publications (and on four Neil Diamond record album covers). One of Len's proudest photographic achievements is the use of many of his photos in the Neil Diamond box set "In My Lifetime." This album includes a 73 page book featuring over 11 pages of Len's photographic works. His photographic works have not only brought him a degree of fame, but has also helped him develop his design and graphics ability.

With years as an executive recruiter, manufacturer of women's and Film licensed apparel, Director of Sales and Marketing for Kinney Parking Sytems and the owner of seven web sites including a successful mail order business, Len has become a top marketeer.

His experience and knowledge in all these diverse businesses has helped him achieve success in organizing and running major national sales forces and has helped him become an expert in his public relations, advertising and promotional fields.

He has helped build more than six multi-million dollar consumer oriented businesses (including two of his own) and has helped scores of others improve their "bottom line". For over seven years Len Rapoport guided management and helped reshape Kinney System, (now part of Central Parking System, one of the nation's largest parking companies). He created dozens of programs that included the design of the new Kinney mascot "Li'l Kinney" and their corporate identity and logo. His final major project for Kinney was their award winning web site.

For the past eight years Len has been working on development of his own web based businesses. This includes seven owned by his company MTI Group. These "Divisions" of MTI Group have been created to sell products and offer services. Each week MTI Group runs numerous eBay auctions, many dealing with photo and digital equipment and supplies. He has become an eBay Power Seller and has become the "Go To Guy" when Corporations or retailers find they have a problem with inventory or need his expertise to show them how to merchandise previously unsaleable merchandise.

With over 3500 Positive Feedbacks on eBay, Len has earned the reputation among knowledgeable manufacutrers and customers alike as one of the most reputable and honest dealers on the net.

One of his favorite web sites is his own International Press Association web site. This site has now become the "Club House" for hundreds of photographers, journalists and members of the international Press Corps. IPA boasts members from every corner of the world and has worked with international law enforcement agencies to stop international terrorism.

Another new site just up is . This site sells royalty free photo CD's packed with all sorts of images used by graphic and web designers. Most of Len's new web sites are photo related and has brought him back to his first You can view some great photos and a story of Lens trip to the Amazon River by clicking here.

If your company is finding this tough environment full of new challenges or you have inventory that must be disposed of fast, then contact Len and find out how he can help you too.



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