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Wow...does this bring back memories. I owned an employment agency in New York (around 1970) called "Opportunities Plus" and Neil came to visit me. I still remember that shirt and tie I wore...Radical Huh?

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 Neil appeared at New York's famed Winter Garden Theater in October 1972.

The 20 performances at this 1,479 seat theater was sold out and marked the first solo performer to play Broadway since Al Jolson.

It was also Neil's final performance before going on his sabbatical, which lasted almost four years.


The forgotten album. Manufactured by Columbia, Produced by Frog King Records and of course cover photo by Len Rapoport.

How many collectors have this treasure in their collections? If you were a member of the Columbia Record Club, you may have gotten one of these limited editions, pressed for Record Club members only.

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If you were lucky enough to get back stage, you may have gotten one of these.

Can you identify each one?

What was the year of the concerts, the names of the tours and the venues these came from?

Hint...The abbreviations on the passes tell part of the answer.

Click here for larger view or these, some of the answers and additonal passes for our contest.

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December 1993 brought Neil to the New York area for his great Christmas Show.

I had a chance to shoot Neil again and of course get his autograph on a few of my prints.

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