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Joe Imhof's "Neil Diamond Home Page" - Awarded Lycos "Top 5%", a must see ND site. - Created by Tom Hensley of the Neil Diamond Band.

Sony/Neil Diamond's Page - Lots of text (a bit hard to read), some sound clips and a nice message board.

Kurt's Neil Diamond Midi Page - Small site run by a high school student who has recorded some of Neil's music and made it available from his site. Check it out!

Dutch FOND - "Dutch Friends of Neil Diamond" - Visit this site to see how Neil is loved world wide

Mike Livingston - He loves to sing Neil's music and even has his own home page.

CD Now - Great site for listening to sound samples and purchasing your favorite Diamond CD's or thousands of others. When you get to this site just type in "Neil Diamond" and hit the search button.

Music Boulevard - Huge on-line music store with Neil's Cd's, press releases and more. Our link will take you to the "Neil Diamond" page of their site.

Diamond Head by Glen Gabel . This site contains some great technical info about the Neil Diamond Road show!. check it out...

Neil Diamond News Group - Regina Litman has set-up a news group at:

Bill Vadbunker's - "Two Floors Above The Butcher" site is full of interesting fan mail and other ND items. Includes a page of new links too!

Musi-Cal - Nice search engine of concert tours. They list Neil's concerts with a nice search engine.

Mr. Showbiz - Nice reviews of all of your favorite stars and of course Neil. Great sound files, more.

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