Thank You All...

Well it has come time to say Good-Bye, to all of my new friends. You have all helped me make a tough decision and although the recommendations included going out to sell ads, Neil Diamond merchandise and more, I realized that doing so would create a full time job, which I am not able to do at this time. Within the next week or so (beginning of April), I will remove this site from the net. Visitors coming to the site will see this page and a brief explanation why the site cannot be accessed.

I will continue to monitor all of the other sites, putting in my two cents when I can and making sure that they all spell my name correctly. I hope that we will be able to meet in person some day, maybe at the Neil Diamond Convention (Glen is working on one now).

I want to truly thank my cousin Neil for allowing me the opportunity to use the photos, sound files and just for letting me try this, Thanks Neil for your support. To all the rest of the fan sites and to the fans, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

I have taken the liberty of sharing some of the mail and comments I received this past week. It is nice to know that you have appreciated my work and that I have made a positive impact on so many fans.

With all my good wishes,

Len Rapoport

(Neil's Cousin Lenny)

[email protected]

Hi Len,

I think I understand the problem you're in with the ND web site. Since I'm on this computer and AOL at work, I probably could not participate in any other pay-for situation at this time. However, that doesn't mean I wouldn't be interested in just what is going to happen. It has been the greatest web site and you have been fantastic (that phrase must run in the family!!!) to all of us fans. I'm sure most computer users realize not everything that appears FREE, is indeed free.

We fans have certainly found out more about Neil than one could ever have imagined... and part of this was because of the web site and the wonderful photos and news from you. It's a disappointment for fans who want a decision about the photos.

I'm interested in the outcome and I surely hope a decision can be make that is good for you and for us fans. If not, it's been a fun journey. And, like I've said before, Neil Diamond fans are the greatest people... I hope they come through for you.

Take care,

[email protected]

Hi Len-

I would love to visit your web site but every time I try my poor old Mac freezes--probably too many images for my limited memory. C'est la vie! But I still appreciate your efforts at keeping Cuz's fans informed. Keep up the good work:>)


[email protected]

Hello Again,

I think you should keep you photos on the Web site, mainly because I haven't seen them yet !!!!! I don't know how to make them appear. I have a Mac PowerPC, and should have the capability, but it hasn't happened yet for me. Soon someone will help me, and then I will get to see them, so don't take them away. Thanks for asking. I like your page anyway.


(Note: I told Joann how to set her preferences in her AOL browser and got this reply)

Hello Again,

It's me and I got there this time and I got to see the pictures, too. Thank you. Thank you also for all the time and money and hard work you have dedicated and donated to making another Neil web site.

Personally I like the last two options you listed--either using classified ads by fans or merchandisers (with Neil stuff only, though, or music related) or a membership special access page. Either one would be great.

[email protected]

Hi Len,

I never received anything about this chat last week... If you ever do this again, please let me know...

Thanks for any Neil Diamond info you send... He is truly the BEST!!!! I've been a fan of his since the 60's... I've been to several of his concerts and I'm always hoping he stays for more!!! I live in So. Ca. so whenever he goes to this area I'M THERE!!!

Also, I do visit his Neil Diamond site a lot... My vote would be to please KEEP it.. I will go this this site and vote there also..

Thanks again,

Bev :-D

[email protected] (PHILLIP LIVINGSTONE)

Dear Cousin Lenny!

Hope something happens to allow your web site to survive. It has been fabulous, perhaps you could combine the merchandise idea with amalgamating with another site ie Joe Imhoff's.

Thanks again. Hope we can say Hello Again Hello very soon!


Phillip Canberra Australia

[email protected] (Sharon Herridge)

Hi Len,

... I really enjoy your page and pictures, and as a fan of Neil's, I would hate to see it go. ... I understand your dilemma quite well. I truly hope another solution becomes available. Would it do any good for fans to e-mail Diamondville with requests to support your endeavor?

Good Luck! :)


[email protected] (MP)

I wouldn't mind supporting it on a monthly basis as a paying member myself, being a devoted fan.

Thanks for your efforts -


[email protected]

Hi Len,

Hope all is well. I think it would be a good thing to keep this site, however I do not have audio ability on my pc but plan to add it soon. The only question I have is does this mean all of Neils sites would be eliminated, or does it mean just the one you set up with his photos? Please keep this site you have my support. Thanks for the input on what's going on with the site all the best to you and your family.

Marie (the little Portuguese)

PS Sorry I missed you live on-line the other night it would have been neat to hear what you had to say to the fans.

[email protected]

Dear Len,

I like your site. I would have no problem with ads at all. In fact I use Juno as my main email address, and Juno is free for us but supported by banner ads--some of which I have made use of, and at the very least, I really don't mind them. So I would think the banner ads are a definite possibility.

[email protected]

You need to find a niche that other Neil Diamond web sites don't have. My suggestion:

Become an authorized vendor of Neil Diamond merchandise !!! I've been looking for a black satin "Diamond" jacket for years - can't find one! We always want T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, The profits from these sales could , along with your photo sales, keep the website !! We Neil fans would visit often and still be able to communicate with each other.

Sony no longer has Neil merchandise and I, truly, even E-mailed Neil to find out where to get a black satin jacket and he thought that Sony might have it but they don't. They don't even offer Neil merchandise on their website or by regular mail. Sounds to me like you could make major bucks selling Neil merchandise. One other suggestion, have orders available either by ordering at the Website or by fax for those folks who aren't comfortable by putting their credit card info online.

I just think this is something that I would support BIG TIME !!! I wear my Neil Diamond shirts until they have holes in them and they often need replacing but I never have any way to replace them except at concert time and it's usually 2-3 years between concerts. Even then, hot sellers sell out and I can't always get the shirt I want because they can only carry limited supplies to each concert.

Think about it !!!


Note: This was another option and was suggested to the ND people, who knows, maybe!

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