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The Donna Franca Group At Villa D'Este

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Welcome to my photos of a wonderful trip my wife Gladys and I took to Northern Italy. We were invited to attend a travel agents familiarization trip to the Lake Maggiore and Lake Como area to include a side trip to Lugano, Switzerland.

The trip was sponsored by the Donna Franca Tours which is an Italian Tour company headquartered in Boston, MA. We were pleasantly surprised to find the beautiful Donna herself and her lovely daughter Judi joining us on our trip.

Gladys & Len Rapoport

This web site has been constructed to help others plan a trip to this paradise destination and to share some of the wonderful images and memories Gladys and I experienced on our 6 day trip. You will have the opportunity to enjoy over 500 images and read about our experiences. I hope you will find the journey as exciting as we did.

A special thank you to Donna, her daughter Judi, Marco and all the people that took part in making our journey one we will not soon forget. Although this was our third trip to Italy and the first one to this region, I would have to say it was one of our favorites. I would urge anyone thinking of Italy for the first time to consider taking this trip over the more popular sight seeing trips. If you appreciate natures wonders and enjoy being pampered and cared for like no other place in the world, then this is the destination for you.

This site is still under construction, so enjoy some of the photos in the meantime and start to read the story or our trip, but do come back to complete the journey. You will meet some of the great people we met on our trip and hear about our picks of the best hotels and things to do on your next Italian Vacation to Northern Italy.

Make sure to click all the links to the hotels and sites of interest that I have included on this site. It will give you more information and lots of additional photos.

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