"How We Helped Them Succeed"

Kinney System

For over six years MTI Group has provided Kinney System with much of their marketing, graphic design and advertising programs.

From the re-design of Kinney's logo to the creation of "Li'l Kinney" (their new company trademark), MTI has helped Kinney become one of the nation's leading parking companies.

MTI created an exciting corporate presentation package and a one of the parking industries first web site.

Kinney was purchased from Lewis Katz for a record $203 million, which Mr.Katz promptly invested in the New York Nets Basketball Team.

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New York Palace Hotel

The New York Palace, one of the world's five star hotels, wanted to produce an employee newsletter that would announce important news and employee recognition programs. With only 800 copies needed each printing, it was MTI Group's job to produce an attractive, professional newsletter at a reasonable cost.

By designing a beautiful color masthead and creating and printing a full color template, we were able to produce each issue in only two colors. We now print each issue into the full color template, saving the Palace money while keeping the appearance of the newsletter rich.


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New York Waterway

NY Waterway is one of New York's most important transportation companies, serving thousands of commuters each day.

At the start up of its new "Colgate Center" service (serving Jersey City and downtown New York), MTI group was retained to introduce the route to the thousands of potential riders. Through one of our unusual
"hand-out programs" and powerful guerrilla marketing, over 3,000 new riders tried the new service in only 60 days after the start of the promotion.

MTI Group has also helped the ferry service by producing other promotions and advertisements that made it clear that NY Waterway was the best way to commute to work.


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Fox Home Video

MTI Groups former company Movie Tees Inc. was successful in providing CBS / Fox Home Video with over one million dollars in premiums to help promote their most popular film titles.

In addition to providing marketing support, Movie Tees formed an alliance with Fox Home Video to cross promote some of the many films released on video with its licensed film related apparel items. Some of the films promoted by both companies were: The Fly, Predator, and Clan of the Cave Bear.


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Media Home Entertainment

A leading producer of video titles from cult films to exercise video's, Media called on the MTI Group to help develop a program to market a new Nightmare on Elm St. set of videos, which included Nightmare 1 through Nightmare 5.

We created a unique program that included the production of two 3-D viewers, each one depicting a different stereo view of Freddy Kruger, the films main character.

The viewers were packaged with the Nightmare Video set as a premium. Freddy fans purchased over 500,000 sets and made this promotion one of Media's biggest successes.


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Disney Home Video

With so many titles released on video each year, Disney was more than happy to help Movie Tees (MTI Group) promote our Disney licensed apparel line.

Movie Tees' sales exceeded two million dollars in Disney tee shirts in our first year of operation, helping Disney Home video and their distributors promote some of their most popular video titles.

MTI Group was licensed to produce the most popular Disney film hits including Sword The Stone, Cinderella and Lady The Tramp. We also produced apparel featuring all of the popular Disney characters.

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Other Clients


Newark Hilton Hotel

We were responsible for developing a marketing program that filled the hotel's new indoor airport parking facility within three months of its introduction. MTI Group provided the graphics for The Hilton's signs, forms and banners. The success of their indoor parking facility prompted
them to expand their parking capabilities by building a major outdoor parking lot adjacent to the hotel.

Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

Worked on a number of promotions to stimulate business in their Bus Terminal parking facility. Our promotions and marketing concepts have made this parking facility profitable after a four year decline in parking revenue.


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